Nick's Sightseeing Boat Trip

Family Friendly Fishing Trips & Boat Trips in Lyme Regis

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Nick's Sightseeing Boat Trip

Family Friendly Fishing Trips & Boat Trips in Lyme Regis

Nick 07974796002

We love our coastline and regularly walk it during the winter and summer, we fish the bay all year round, we know it well. Cliffs, beaches, wildlife and what lies beneath the waves, its people, are all part of our world and we want to share it with you. Weather permitting.

The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic coast has some very special features, of course there are fossils but there’s the awesome Devon Undercliff and its landslips its ever changing topography, it’s beaches sculpted by the winter storms. This is a scenic and evocative place. We’ll share some views that can only be seen from the sea and some stories that go with them (we try not to talk too much), we want you to enjoy and explore its splendour.

Sightseeing Boat Trip

This boat trip is guaranteed to have no recorded announcements or gimmicks. Local people sharing a moment with you on a slow boat along the coast, time to relax and take it in.

What we have on offer is a private charter, so this is you with the people you choose to bring along. It’s a minimum hour and a half trip but can be extended to include mackerel fishing, or to haul a lobster pot or two on the return journey to go that bit further.

Things you could see on a Sightseeing Cruise:

  • Landslides and mudslides
  • Interesting geology and rock formations
  • Dolphins, cuttlefish and other sea creatures
  • Cliff and coast views you can’t see from the shore

We can cater for up to 11 in one boat (you don’t have to fill it up, it’s a fixed price).

Sightseeing Boat Trip - Nick's Mackerel Fishing Lyme Regis

‘We had a great time fishing on your boat, it was really good value for money and we’ll definitely be back’

Dave and Family Basingtoke

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