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All booking for mackerel fishing & sightseeing trips, please telephone Nick on 0797 479 6002 to discuss his rates and your plans.

Nicks Mackerel Fishing and Boat Trips Lyme Regis“On Friday the 6th of September 2013 we went on a lovely boat trip with Nick. We were lucky enough to be the only ones on board and Nick was very friendly and chatty with us and impressed us with his knowledge of the coast line. We managed to take some nice photos and saw some breath taking views. We saw a group of cormorants resting in the water. Unfortunately the photos of these birds didn’t come out so well, so I have attached a photo of us on the boat with Nick. The only downfall of the trip is I didn’t manage to see any dolphins but I think i was being slightly optimistic. Big thanks to Nick for a great tour of the coast”


“We chose the right boat.

Lyme Regis has many offers of Mackerel Fishing Trips and you can either book by phone or just turn up. We booked with Nick on his boat, the Kraken.

It was very special. Nick is a perfect host and has an eye on everyone on board, watching out for everyone’s safety and helping everyone to catch fish in a way that made us learn how.

More than that, Nick engages with his guests and opens up stories beyond the purpose of the hour at sea. We learned of other things, a shipwreck. Nick took us there, and my grandson was able to see it on the screen.

We boarded at exactly the arranged time. No question of anyone being taken on board who hadn’t booked. The sense of security and adventure was wonderful and won’t be forgotten. I recommend a journey on the Kraken as the best of its kind. I won’t go with anyone else when I return to Lyme Regis which is a favourite place. I can now feel the sea and all its power and magic whenever I think of that day”

– Nicki Jackowska

If you would like to send me your pictures of your trip for our online gallery and/or any comments then please send these via email. You can attach one file/image at a time.

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